Strip Tease Louisville

When was the last time you were treated to a truly delightful strip tease? Louisville is where you can drop by PT's Showclub any night of the week and stay until at least three o'clock. We've got the most sensational private dancers in town. Call ahead for bottle service. 502.587.7878

Do you think that strip tease Louisville is something new? You couldn't be more wrong. When you have a chance to speak candidly with your father or grandfather, ask him if he ever enjoyed watching a professional ecdysiast at work. Chances are good you will hear either a resounding or a whispered, "Yes, yes I did." Stripping is as old as anyone can remember, and for very good reason. Observing a great strip tease Louisville is a great way for a man to blow off a bit of steam. Today's modern businessman is more stressed than ever. Seeing a gorgeous girl in all her natural glory can do wonders for a man's ego, not to mention his peace of mind and sense of all is well in the world. If you can't recall the last time you watched a wonderful strip tease, Louisville is waiting for you.

There's an enormous difference between a typical Kentucky strip joint and an upscale gentlemens club. Louisville is a big city now, and there are tons of nightclubs to be found. Some are certainly nicer than others, and PT's Showclub is surely one of the classiest. Come by yourself or bring a friend or two. If you're putting together a bachelor party for a guy who's about to be wedlocked, there's no better venue in town than PT's Showclub in Louisville, Kentucky. Find us at 227 E. Market Street in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, near the hotels and 4th Street Live. Call 502.587.7878 for venue hours and driving directions. Be sure to ask for a complimentary TLC shoulder massage. Strip Tease Louisville
PT's Showclub Louisville
227 E Market St‎ Louisville, KY 40202

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Strip Tease Louisville