Bachelor Party Louisville

Planning to throw a bachelor party Louisville? Have it at PT's Showclub! If your best friend is about to tie the knot, come on in and tie one on with the prettiest girls in town. Find us at 227 E. Market Street in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, near the hotels and 4th Street Live

Downtown Louisville, Kentucky has become more gentrified over the past decade or so. Neighborhoods you may have at one time avoided are now quite nice. In fact, there are downright upscale venues on Market Street now. The classiest adult entertainment venue in the neighborhood is surely PT's Showclub. If you and your buds are planning to throw a bachelor party Louisville, PT's Showclub is a place to consider. Bring the party by, or spend the entire bachelor bash right here in our adult venue. Guests as young as eighteen may enter, so don't worry that your slightly younger friends will be left outside while the rest of the group celebrates a bachelor party Louisville with a flock of gorgeous beauties.

Every Saturday night is a bachelor party Louisville at PT's Showclub. Expect the wildest in adult entertainment and special prices, too. Ever wonder who PT is? We'll let you in on a little secret here. PT isn't a who, it's a what, and that means Party Time! We are open Monday through Friday from 3PM to 4AM, Saturday 6PM to 4AM, and Sunday from 6PM to 2AM. Admission is as follows: $5 Monday through Thursday before 9PM, $8 Monday through Thursday after 9PM and $6 Friday and Saturday before 8PM. Friday and Saturday after 8PM is $10 and just $6 all day Sunday. Louisville is a great place to hold a send off for a guy who's about to tie the knot. You may consider making up a believable story to tell his fiancé, because anything can and does happen at a bachelor party at PT's Showclub. The girls here are quite accommodating. A couple of lap dances, and your friend may rethink his decision to marry.Bachelor Party Louisville