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La Grange Residents Flock to PT's Showclub

La Grange, Kentucky, holds a secret for those seeking an electrifying night out just minutes away – PT’s Showclub, a top-rated strip club nestled in downtown Louisville. With its tantalizing offerings and vibrant atmosphere, PT’s has become the ultimate destination for La Grange residents eager to experience the city’s most captivating entertainment. At PT’s Showclub, guests are treated to an array of seating options, ensuring everyone finds their perfect spot to revel in the performances on three stages. Each day boasts a lineup featuring over 30 talented performers, ensuring a night brimming with excitement and energy. 

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PT's Showclub Caters To You

Whether you prefer the lively ambiance of the main floor, the intimate setting of the bar, or the elevated experience of VIP seating, PT’s caters to diverse preferences.

As the sun sets and warmer months roll in, PT’s extends its allure outdoors, inviting patrons to enjoy patio fun amidst outdoor entertainment and refreshing drinks. This added dimension of PT’s experience offers a versatile and engaging atmosphere for those seeking a different kind of nightlife experience.

The beats at PT’s are curated by top-rated resident DJs who skillfully mix Kentucky’s latest music hits until the early hours, setting the stage for a night of uninhibited revelry on the dance floor.

 Indulge in the finest wines, champagne, and Kentucky’s top-notch bourbon, complementing the dazzling entertainment. Guests can choose to immerse themselves in the excitement from the main floor seating or opt for a more intimate setting at the bar, catering to various social preferences


Monday 6pm-4am
Tuesday 6pm-4am
Wednesday 6pm-4am
Thursday 6pm-4am
Friday 6pm-4am
Saturday 6pm-4am
Sunday 6pm-4am

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